Génome Québec

630, Boulevard René Levesque, Suite 2660
Montréal (Québec) Canada
H3B 1A6

Phone: 514-398-0668
Fax: 514-398-0883

Génome Québec

Génome Québec financially supports major genomics and proteomics research initiatives as well as their applications in association with the academic and industry domains, while maintaining and promoting the highest ethical standards. The mobilizing effect created by these investments will contribute to maximizing socio-economic benefits and to establishing Quebec as a leader in the field of life sciences.

Génome Québec is a major Québec initiative to promote research and the development of genomics in human health, forestry, agriculture, fisheries, the environment and bioinformatics. By focusing on a national genomics research project, it brings together industry, governments, universities, hospitals, research institutes, and the general public and promotes the study of genomic issues as they relate to ethics, law and society.

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