Rendez-vous Génome Québec

Rendez-Vous Génome Québec 2018
December 4th, 2018

The Next Generation of Genomics Applications

“Omics” technologies have opened the doors to a wide range of fields of research and applications. This Rendez-Vous is intended for scientists interested in technologies and applications related to high- throughput “omics” technologies. The Rendez-Vous Génome Québec 2018 will focus on researchers leading initiatives using next-generation “omics” technologies in various areas of research.

Topics covered will include: personalized health, genomics in industry and agri-food genomics.

Keynote speakers
Dr. John Quackenbush
TH Chan School of Public Health
“Using Networks to Link Genotype to Phenotype”


The Rendez-Vous will take place at :

New Residence Hall, McGill University;
3625 Park Avenue, Montreal

Registration starts NOW and ends on November 30th 2018. Places are limited!
To register for the Rendez-vous, please visit the Innovation Centre web page.

Talks will be given in English.
Registration, lunch and refreshments are free.

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8h15 Registration and breakfast
8h55 Welcome Address
9h00 Gina L. Conte, PhD
CSO, Lighthouse Genomics

«Genomic Validation of Cannabis Cultivars»
9h30 Heather Whitehorn, MSc (Med), International Product Manager
Conférencier Roche Speaker
«Roche-Genialis Partnership: Single-Tube Library Preparation Meets Single-Click Data Analysis»
9h45 Simon Girard, PhD
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
«Bridging the old and the new. A case study of multiplex families affected with epilepsy»
10h15 Bio Break
10h45 Mansoor Mohammed, PhD
CEO, ManaGeneDx
«Functional Genomics: A new Perspective on Mood and Behavior»
11h15 Kasandra Burgos, PhD, Technical Sales Specialist
Conférencier 10X Speaker
«Single Cell resolution to enable a deeper understanding of complex biology»
11h30 Amir Minerbi M.D. PhD
McGill University Health Centre
«Does gut microbiome play a role in Fibromyalgia»
12h00 Lunch
13h30 Keynote Speaker
Dr. John Quackenbush
Havard TH Chan School of Public Health
«Using Networks to Link Genotype to Phenotype»
14h30 Martine Tétreault
Centre de recherche du CHUM
«Defining the genetic etiology of muscle disorders using RNA-sequencing»
15h00 Rami Mehio, Sr. Director of Engineering
Conférencier Illumina Speaker
«Accelerated Genomics Secondary Analysis with DRAGEN»
15h30 Closing Remarks
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