Rendez-vous Génome Québec

Bioinformatics Workshop: "GenAP and Galaxy for Genomics analysis" (ARCHIVES)

Date: May 22nd 2015, 9h30 am to 4h00 pm
Location: Pavillon de Recherche Appliquée sur le Cancer (PRAC), Local Z8-1006
3201, rue Jean-Mignault
Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada J1E 4K8
Registration: Registration closed
NOTE: Workshop will be given in English only.
Reserve quickly places are limited.
Workshop: using genap and galaxy for genomics analyses

The GenAP application aims at reducing the computational bottlenecks associated with the processing of high-throughput data sets, and empowering the life science community in general to explore their data in new ways.

This workshop will give an introduction to GenAP and its components, and how they make use of the Compute Canada HPC infrastructure. We will then explore the GenAP portal, which is the entry point to all of the platform's services. Most of the session will be dedicated to a hands-on experience to analyze next-generation sequencing transcriptomic data (RNA-Seq) using GenAP's Galaxy, one of the platform's main services.

Galaxy is a web-based framework for data intensive biomedical research. Their motto is "Data intensive biology for everyone." A series of tutorials will go through a few typical analysis pipelines on Galaxy, enabling non-bioinformaticians to run analyses themselves.

Please note that a wifi-enabled laptop is required to participate at this workshop, as well as a Compute Canada account. After subscribing to the workshop, you will receive instructions on how to setup your (free) Compute Canada account, if you don't already have one. No experience in high-throughput sequencing data analysis required.

Additional information

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Frédéric Robidoux
Phone: 514 398-7211 #2
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