CytoScan HD Solution provides the broadest coverage and highest performance for detecting human chromosomal aberrations. CytoScan HD Array has greater than 99% sensitivity and can reliably detect 25-50 kb copy number changes across the genome at high specificity with SNP (allelic) call corroboration. With more than 2.6 million copy number markers, CytoScan Array has been recognized for its industry-leading coverage of all OMIM® and RefSeq genes. On a single platform, CytoScan HD Solution offers high-density resolution of the entire genome, extending throughout promoter and miRNA regions, for relevant aberration detection and reporting. Surpassing the limitations of current database curations, the whole-genome array ensures that novel findings can be catalogued for future discoveries and annotations which are often missed by targeted designs.

CytoScan HD Array includes 750,000 SNPs with over 99% accuracy to detect accurate breakpoint estimation, loss of heterozygosity (LOH) determination, regions identical-by-descent, maternal contamination, and low-level mosaicism. The allelic information provides a powerful visualization of added confidence behind CNV calls as well as information on sample heterogeneity, clonal diversity, and uniparental disomy (UPD).

CytoScan HD Array supports several different sample types for cancer and constitutional cytogenetic research analysis, including blood, bone marrow, buccal, saliva, fresh and frozen tissues, direct/cultured cells, amniocytes, and FFPE samples.

CytoScan HD