TaqMan® CNV Technology

TaqMan® CNV Technology (Applied Biosystems)

  • Copy number variation (CNV) quantification using real-time PCR
  • CNV analysis using pre-validated commercial assays (human)
  • Custom CNV analysis for studying focused genomic regions of interest on any species

TaqMan® CNV technology is especially designed for the quantification of copy number variations (CNVs) of small specific regions. The detection is done using the 7900HT reader, a real-time PCR instrument from Applied Biosystems.

Available Products

The service is mainly based on a collection of over 1.6 million of Pre-Designed TaqMan® Copy Number Assays with genome-wide coverage from Applied Biosystems. Custom assays are also available. The design of custom assays is realized solely by the personnel of the service.

Information and Service Request

The Client Management Office can be contacted for more information and for service request.