QuantiGene (specific Expression or CNV)

ThermoFisher QuantiGene™ assays are hybridization-based assays that utilize a branched DNA technology for signal amplification for the direct quantitation of gene expression transcripts. They provide a more robust and accurate measurement compared to qPCR. The QuantiGene™ Plex and QuantiGene™ Singleplex assays are designed to quantitatively measure RNA or DNA directly from cells or tissue homogenates without Nucleic Acid purification or enzymatic manipulation, thereby avoiding inefficiencies and variability introduced by or errors inherent to these processes.

With RNA:

  • The QuantiGene™ Singleplex assay is performed in a 96-well plate and signal is detected using a standard luminometer.
  • The QuantiGene™ Plex Assay utilizes xMAP Luminex beads for multiplexing of 3 to 80 RNA targets followed by branched DNA-based signal amplification. The assay is performed in a 96-well plate and signal is detected using a Luminex instrument.
  • We can start with purified total RNA or directly from cells. The technology works with difficult sample types like degraded and cross-linked RNA in FFPE tissues, and also directly with blood.
  • A large inventory of validated genes is available. Select from over 15,000 genes to create pathway- and disease-themed panels. Up to 3,700 commercial panels exist. ThermoFisher offers pre-designed panels for many different species. Click on this link to make a search for your species: QuantiGene Plex Panels
  • - If the design for your gene(s) of interest doesn't exist, a fast customization can be created within 2 weeks.

With DNA:

  • Same strategy as RNA can be used, but this time it is used for specific DNA copy number.
  • The QuantiGene™ Plex DNA Assay has the ability to interrogate single-copy DNA changes across a given chromosome to further analyze DNA breakpoint changes.
  • The assay has the ability to measure up to 33 regions per well of a 96-well plate.