RNA and Small RNA Sequencing Services

The Innovation Centre is now offering a service of transcriptome analysis by performing cDNA library constructions from total RNA to allow subsequent sequencing using the HiSeq 2000 from Illumina. To learn more about this service please consult the Next-Generation Sequencing services.

Library preparation services include the following types of RNASeq libraries:

  • Eukaryotic protein coding transcripts (mRNA stranded libraries)
  • Prokaryotic long transcripts (bacterial rRNA-depleted libraries)
  • Eukaryotic long non coding and coding transcripts (rRNA-depleted libraries)
  • Prokaryotic and eukaryotic long non coding and coding transcripts for metagenomic studies (rRNA-depleted libraries)
  • All transcripts (total RNA)
  • Eukaryotic small transcripts (<200 nt)
  • Eukaryotic miRNA (enriched in species 22-50 nt)
  • Targeted human protein coding transcripts (minimum of 48 samples)
  • Human protein coding transcripts from FFPE samples (minimum of 48 samples)

All libraries are strand-specific.

Ribosomal RNA depletion yields vary according to species. Consult Illumina web site to verify expected % of depletion. If the species of interest is not listed, it might be a good idea to use RNAMatchmaker.

Detailed information about libraries is available from the Illumina web site.