Microsatellite Analysis Service


This technology performs genotyping of microsatellite markers for Genome-Wide Scans and Fine Mapping. Both methods are powerful options for mapping genes of Mendelian-type inheritance due to the highly informative nature of these markers compared to SNPs.

Availables Technologies

    Genome-Wide Scan

    A set of 400 highly polymorphic microsatellite markers spaced at an average distance of 8.7 cM throughout the human genome is currently used. Each marker is amplified individually followed by pooling of 8 markers together in a panel. The genotyping results are obtained using an ABI-3730XL DNA Analyzer. More detail can be obtained about the markers here.


    The personnel of the service is available to facilitate in the choice, panel design and ordering of microsatellite markers to suit the chromosomal region and density requirements.

    Note that the optimization and the production of PCR reactions is no longer supported since January 2009, except for markers already validated or from the genome-wide scan set. Detailed information on the design of the labelled PCR primers can be obtained by contacting the Client Management Office.

Information and Service Request

For more information and for service request, the Client Management Office must be contacted.