Affymetrix Axiom Technology

Affymetrix Axiom Genotyping Solution

Axiom genotyping solution offers a wild range of products for human, model organisms and agrigenomics applications.

  • Flexible format - Design your marker panel with 1,500 to 2.6 million SNPs and indels using the validated markers from the Axiom Genomic Database or your own target sequences.
  • Rapid results - Validated markers and workflows eliminate the time needed for experimental design and assay optimization.
  • High-throughput - Process more than up to 3,000 samples per week with end-to-end automated sample processing.
  • Automated genotype calling and SNP classification - Analyze up to 5,000 samples and export genotype calls for use in downstream analysis.
  • Confidence in your data - Pre-optimized reagents and validated workflows combined with empirically validated SNPs to generate the most reliable results.


For discovery of human disease genes, drug response biomarkers, or for population genetics, Axiom® Genotyping Solution offers a uniquely flexible choice of innovative, pre-designed arrays covering more populations than any other technology. Arrays have optimized designs enabling combined GWAS, replication, and fine mapping on one study. Axiom Genotyping Solution pre-designed arrays deliver cost-efficient discovery power with the most recent SNP content.

The highest genetic coverage - The Axiom Genomic Database's 9.4 million genotype-tested SNPs offer the industry's best coverage of common and rare variants from the 1000 Genomes Project, HapMap, NHGRI, and more. Each variant has been extensively validated in a large number of biological samples to ensure that it is not due to sequencing error, the minor allele can be reliably detected, and that it performs consistently in the Axiom assay.

For Human solutions

Model Organisms and Agrigenomics

Axiom® Genotyping Solution for agrigenomics includes arrays with genotype-tested content from the Axiom® Genomic Database or de novo markers that are important to you. Axiom® 384HT Genotyping Solution is now available, enabling ultra high-throughput genotyping. Genotype any species, genome size, or ploidy level with your own proprietary markers or markers from recent sequencing initiatives on the fully customizable Axiom myDesign Genotyping Arrays. Multiple species arrays are supported.

For Model Organisms or Agrigenomics solutions

Final results delivery for Axiom arrays projects

The Axiom Analysis Suite software requires data from all arrays from one project to be compared together. Therefore, final results cannot be available (through Nanuq or a secure ftp site) before the end of a project. This applies also to larger projects that take several months to be completed.