TaqMan® Genotyping Technology

TaqMan® Genotyping Technology (Applied Biosystems)

  • Small scale genotyping of 1 to 4 loci (SNP and indel) in general
  • Custom genotyping for studying focused genomic regions of interest on any species
  • Pre-validated commercial assays (human and mouse)


  • Candidate-gene studies
  • SNP discovery validation
  • Fine-mapping of candidate association regions

TaqMan® chemistry (Applied Biosystems) is highly flexible since it allows the genotyping of varied types of polymorphisms in any organisms. This technology is designed for low-scale genotyping projects (usually for 1 to 4 loci) of markers such as SNPs and indels (insertion/deletion polymorphisms) of up to six bases. These assays are ideal for genotyping applications including screening, association, candidate region, candidate gene, or fine-mapping studies.

TaqMan chemistry uses a fluorogenic probe to enable the detection of a specific PCR product as it accumulates during PCR cycles. Differentially labeled fluorogenic probes allow the allelic discrimination. The fluorescence emission detection is done using the 7900HT reader, a real-time PCR instrument from Applied Biosystems. TaqMan technology has an average conversion rate around 98%, with an average error rate of 0.1 %.

The Applied Biosystems' website can be visited for more details.

Available Products

The service is mainly based on a collection of over 4.5 million of specific Pre-Designed TaqMan® Assays with genome-wide coverage from Applied Biosystems (human and mouse). Custom assays are also available. The design of custom assays is realized solely by our personnel.

A CNV quantification analysis service (TaqMan® CNV ) is also offered.

Information and Service Request

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