Sequenom® EpiTYPER® Technology

EpiTYPER® Methylation Assay (Sequenom®)

  • Analysis of methylated regions (CpG) up to 600 bp in length
  • Supports a variety of formats, probes, and species
  • Custom assays with user-defined content
  • Commercial assays with standard content (human and mouse)
  • 384 reactions processing scale
  • Scalable processing scale for studying a few to several hundreds of regions on multiple samples

Sequenom® EpiTYPER® technology allows the quantitative measurement of methylated regions (CpG islands). Sodium bisulfite treated genomic DNA is amplified using PCR and then fragmented. The fragmentation pattern that is obtained depends on the presence of methylated cytosine residues in the original genomic DNA. The fragmentation products are then quantitatively analyzed using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.

Sequenom's website can be visited for more details about the EpiTYPER® technology.

Available Products

Both pre-validated - EpiPanels (Human: Standard, Cancer and Imprinting; Mouse: Standard) - and custom assays are available. The design of custom assays is realized solely by our personnel.

  • Pre-validated EpiPanels
    • Human
      • Standard EpiPanel
      • Cancer EpiPanel
      • Imprinting EpiPanel
    • Mouse
      • Mouse Standard EpiPanel
  • Custom assays (any species)

Information and Service Request

The Client Management Office can be contacted for more information and for service request.