Sanger Sequencing Services

The Innovation Centre offers a Sanger Sequencing Service using the Applied Biosystem's 3730xl DNA Analyzer technology.

In addition to the regular service, the Innovation Centre also offers the 24hr BaseXpress Sequencing Service.

Sanger sequencing is often used to proofread plasmid DNA sequence to verify the integrity of a gene inserted into an expression vector or to re-sequence targeted regions of a genome with the purpose of finding genetic variations (see Sanger based SNP discovery service).

Sanger sequencing is most suitable for small to medium range sequencing projects. For large-scale sequencing projects, please contact the Client Management Office to help select the most suitable Next-Generation sequencing technology.

More details can be found in the User Guide.

The Sanger sequencing methodology is described in the following web site:

For a description of the 3730xl technology, Applied Biosystems website may be consulted.