Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection During COVID-19: a New Discovery Available

Early detection and prevention of hospital-acquired infections through passive monitoring devices help in the reduction of cases. COVID-19 is another threat to patients and health care workers in hospitals. Due to the inflation of COVID-19 cases, people avoid entering hospitals, specifically the emergency rooms, where many cases come in each day.

Moreover, the public is aware of the associated risks when exposed to infected people with COVID-19. A recent study developed a new tool to detect hospital-acquired infections with an association of five pathogens.

Hospital-acquired diseases monitoring

The investigators conducted the study with patients who had confirmed cases and suspected cases of infection. Hence, the data gathered reveals a high chance of acquiring hospital-acquired infections if the patient stays more than 24 hours with another patient, which is called “co-presence.” Contact tracing is one tool used, but it has limitations. Although contact tracing is widely used, it does not specify the patient time of exposure. Co-presence is the method used to monitor hospital-acquired infection.

Researchers believed that health workers could prevent the spread and consequences of infection.

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