Tips for People With ADHD to Try: 5 Techniques That Helps

Living with ADHD can be very difficult. The simplest things become so frustrating because of the inability to concentrate or focus on many things at a time. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in productivity. Some people use CBD oil to calm its effects, but when you don’t have access to some, you can use these techniques to avoid distractions, work efficiently and be happier.
5 Simple Techniques to Help You Cope with ADHD
1. Create a Routine
A …

How Can Breathing Secondhand Smoke Affect Your Health?

As physical health care, secondhand smokers live in close enough proximity to the smoker. They are sharing the air in which the excess vapors are being released into the atmosphere. This smoke is as dangerous as the other fumes that are a side effect of our necessary industries, factories, vehicles, and other motors. There are about 7,000 compounds in secondhand smoke. Many of them are harmful, and around 70 of them can cause disease.
Breathing secondhand smoke can affect…

Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection During COVID-19: a New Discovery Available

Early detection and prevention of hospital-acquired infections through passive monitoring devices help in the reduction of cases. COVID-19 is another threat to patients and health care workers in hospitals. Due to the inflation of COVID-19 cases, people avoid entering hospitals, specifically the emergency rooms, where many cases come in each day.
Moreover, the public is aware of the associated risks when exposed to infected people with COVID-19. A recent study developed a new tool to detect hospital-acquired infections with an association of five pathogens.
Hospital-acquired diseases monitoring
The investigators …

Genomics Education Week for Healthcare Provider

The future of medicine changes because of discoveries such as genomics. Genomics plays a significant role in patient care and wellness. However, most healthcare providers are not aware and well equipped with knowledge on genomics. Raising awareness on genomics and the resources available will be covered in this event. Moreover, a social media campaign will be conducted during the educational week that primarily focuses on imparting genomic education. The activities included are webinars, social media such as Twitter and other platforms, panel discussion, and question and answer sessions.
The event details are as follows:

Machine Training in Genomics Workshop

The workshop on genomics covers machine introduction, tools, clinical application, and ethics. It will be a virtual workshop and to be facilitated by a genomic data science working group. The main objective of this workshop is to elaborate discussion on challenges and opportunities about machine learning strategy to genomic medicine. And also to determine topics in genomics from machine learning and its unique role in research.
Furthermore, this area of genomics and machine learning is considered to be fundamental in research. The workshop is a two-day workshop that will include comprehensive discussions from machine learning, …