Genomics Education Week for Healthcare Provider

The future of medicine changes because of discoveries such as genomics. Genomics plays a significant role in patient care and wellness. However, most healthcare providers are not aware and well equipped with knowledge on genomics. Raising awareness on genomics and the resources available will be covered in this event. Moreover, a social media campaign will be conducted during the educational week that primarily focuses on imparting genomic education. The activities included are webinars, social media such as Twitter and other platforms, panel discussion, and question and answer sessions.

The event details are as follows:

  • Panel Discussion: Genetic testing

The facilitators will share resources and tools about genetic testing for health care workers who are new in genetics.

  • Webinar: Pharmacogenomics education
  • Webinar: Cardiovascular Pharmacogenetics

American Heart Association facilitates the event

  • Excellent Practices in Cardiomyopathy Genetic Testing
  • Vascular Genetics: Best Methods to Aortopathies

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