Research Areas

Genomics Branch: Computational and Statistical

The genomic and genetic analysis takes place through an intensive approach application which is the main focal point of the Computational and Statistical Genomics Branch.


The investigators of this branch are experts in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics. These fields include mathematics, epidemiology, statistics, computer science, and molecular genetics for identifying disease susceptibility.

Moreover, experts’ objective is to expand knowledge on the complexity of diseases and advance new statistical approaches to evaluate and analyze the spectrum of genetic data. Computational biologists make use of genomic methods to compare and understand the origin and activity of the protein. And also their relevance in a particular disease.

The function of the computational and statistical genomic branch is to analyze a bigger scale of genomic data based on laboratory findings and studies. The research study focuses on advancing bioinformatics approaches to evaluate and analyze genomic data. And it is actively conducted by the branch members. The statistical branch is connected to the Center for Inherited Disease Research, and it provides advanced methods in determining differences in genetic makeup to scientists and experts worldwide.

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