Research Areas

Genomics Branch: Cancer Genetics and Comparative

Identifying and discovering genes that influence cancer progression and susceptibility is the objective of this branch.


The research study deals with cell mutations that have resulted in cancer exposure and progression of different aggressive cancers such as endometrial cancer, prostate, lung, bladder, gastric and neck cancers.

Inherited genetic mutation can result in the production of tumors that are acquired over time. Genomic alterations cause tumor growth and metastases in some cases. The investigation includes methodologies to expose genomic mutation that causes tumor formation and production.


The branch investigators aim to discover contributing factors of cancer susceptibility, progression of the tumor, treatment response and explore advanced tools for analysis and evaluation of human genomes.

The program also includes specific objectives as follows:

  • To conduct independent and multiple cancer types such as prostate cancer, endometrium, lung, bladder, and breast cancer.
  • To maintain the collection of normal tissue for different cancer types.
  • Encouragement to raise queries and develop tools to extend knowledge on relationships between genomes.
  • Utilize genomic technologies to diagnose rare health conditions.
  • To strengthen support and collaborative efforts in conducting research.

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