Can Your Genes Influence Your Cigarette Usage?

People adopt smoking habits due to many factors—and surprisingly, genetics is one of them. Researchers from Kaiser Permanente Northern California discovered that genetic ancestry plays a role in one’s smoking initiation and can even influence the number of cigarettes people use daily. The researchers found that the association between people’s genetic ancestry and cigarette usage remains clear even after factors like one’s education, socioeconomic factors, and marital status are taken into account.
This association is concerning…

Lady rejecting a cup of milk

Is Lactose Intolerance A Normal Gene? The Truth About This Common Condition

While some people wonder, “what is whole milk?” and if it’s good for them, others can’t digest any form of dairy. The discomfort you experience after indulging in a glass of warm milk or a bowl of ice cream results from lactose intolerance. Guess what? The condition is way more common than you think.
Up to 75% of the world’s population have some degree of lactose intolerance, meaning they lack the enzyme needed to digest lactose…

Atopic Dermatitis in Children: Skin Microflora Study

Atopic Dermatitis is a chronic skin condition and most common among children. The research study aims to identify how fungi and bacteria cause this skin condition. Moreover, it expects to determine basic measures to create a more advanced and effective future treatment. Healthy children and those with atopic dermatitis are welcome to join.
Commonly Asked Questions
What is included?
For Patients with Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema):
The child’s skin sample is needed at separate time points such as baseline, flare, and post flare. Visit scheduling and timing are necessary to conduct this study.
Healthy …

Vaping Doesn’t Differ From Smoking

Vaping Doesn’t Differ From Smoking: It Can Cause the Same Chemical Changes to Our Genome

Smoking can harm your heart, lungs, and most of your organs. People who usually want to live a healthier lifestyle decide to kick smoking out of their habits and become less dependent on it. However, people who smoke when they want to quit smoking are usually tempted to turn to vaping devices.
As part of their transition from cigarette smoking to none at all, smokers consider that using vaping devices or e-cigarettes can help them adjust eventually. Although it is less harmful than smoking nicotine, vaping, according to scientists, is still unsafe says Industry leaders.
Vaping Causes …

A Study on COVIDCode

The human body uses specific genetic instructions to develop and grow. Alterations in genes are a probable cause of many medical diseases and a possible cause why other people are more susceptible to get sick than others. COVID-19 is a life-threatening health problem, and scientists believe that genetics may identify the severity of the illness in certain people.
Moreover, the study’s goal is to explore the contributions of genes to the seriousness of COVID-19. Through …

Research Study on ADHD

The research study on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is about discovering the genetic factors involved and developing treatment strategies for future use.
ADHD is known to be hereditary. Thus, the presence of genetic components related to this disorder is possible as per research studies. Additionally, scientists think that other non-genetic factors may significantly affect this disorder, such as brain injury, environmental factors, and abnormal development of the brain.
Furthermore, the ADHD study’s long-term goal is to aid in the diagnosis, advance treatment, particularly the person-centered treatment …

Genomic Medicine

Genomic medicine is modifying the future of medicine. It is an emerging medical specialty involving using the genomic information of a human being for diagnosis, making therapeutic decisions, and overall health outcomes. Genomic medicine makes a difference in other medical areas such as pharmacology, oncology, rare and infectious diseases.
Human Genome Project is a national project underpinning knowledge and research to provide public awareness and understanding of diseases and enhance health. Over the years, ‘precision medicine’ was introduced and utilized environmental exposure, genomics, and other data to develop an accurate …