A Study on COVIDCode

The human body uses specific genetic instructions to develop and grow. Alterations in genes are a probable cause of many medical diseases and a possible cause why other people are more susceptible to get sick than others. COVID-19 is a life-threatening health problem, and scientists believe that genetics may identify the severity of the illness in certain people.

Moreover, the study’s goal is to explore the contributions of genes to the seriousness of COVID-19. Through this study, information can help develop therapeutic measures to reduce COVID-19 symptoms in some people.


People who have tested positive for COVID-19 and reside in the United States.

Must know information

Interested participants must know the following:

  • Blood and saliva samples are needed to study individuals’ DNA.
  • Information about health history, including COVID-18 symptoms experienced, is required to be completed.
  • A survey will be conducted for up to a year to follow up on COVID-19 symptoms.

Rest assured that all participants’ confidentiality and privacy are practiced. Privacy is an essential part of the research study, especially for employees and their family members.

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