Research Areas

Social and Behavioral Science Research

Enhancing optimal approaches to incorporate genomic discoveries into clinical practice is the main objective of a social and behavioral research study.


The research study involves a group of health conditions, from major health problems to unique genetic disorders that affect most families. In addition, the study includes the exploration of genomics and behavioral and social sciences as well as training future scientists and medical experts in this field.

Factors of genomic discovery

The scope of the study includes various groups of conditions and identifies how factors of genomics divide with behavior, social processes, and environment affecting disease outcome. To evaluate and analyze the intersection, researchers use advanced research approaches. Determining how rare and common genetic disorders affect brain development, growth and behavior is an example.

Translation of genomic discovery into Clinical practice

Application of innovative technologies like virtual reality and neuroimaging are being utilized to improve patient and clinician working relationships.

Translation of genomic discovery in the community

The researchers consider the influence of mass and social media in disseminating information on genomic discovery to the community. They also analyze educational approaches in the community to enhance understanding of the genomic study.

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