Genomic Medicine

Genomic medicine is modifying the future of medicine. It is an emerging medical specialty involving using the genomic information of a human being for diagnosis, making therapeutic decisions, and overall health outcomes. Genomic medicine makes a difference in other medical areas such as pharmacology, oncology, rare and infectious diseases.

Human Genome Project is a national project underpinning knowledge and research to provide public awareness and understanding of diseases and enhance health. Over the years, ‘precision medicine’ was introduced and utilized environmental exposure, genomics, and other data to develop an accurate patient diagnosis.

New approaches and discoveries in genomic medicine are being utilized in other medical specialties like oncology. Genomics is incorporated as a means to diagnose a disease where genetic markers are in every cancer screening. It is also a better guide in implementing treatment strategies.

Extraordinary research can take years to translate into clinical practice. A combination of factors like research findings validation, complexities of clinical trials, and longer time to analyze and conduct research are causing the delay. Also, educating and training health workers can take time.

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