Rendez-vous Génome Québec

Rendez-Vous Génome Québec 2018
April 20th 2018

“Omics” technologies have paved the way to a wide range of fields of research and applications. This Rendez-Vous is intended for scientists interested in technologies and applications related to high- throughput “omics” technologies.

The Rendez-Vous Génome Québec 2018 will focus on researchers leading initiatives using next-generation “omics” technologies in very diverse areas of research.

Keynote speakers

Dr. Brenda Andrews, PhD, CC, FRSC Dr. Michael Moran, PhD
Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research
University of Toronto
SPARC BioCentre of the University of Toronto & Hospital for Sick Children
"Mapping a genetic wiring diagram of a cell" "Synergy through Omics integration provides biological insights and disease mechanisms"

The Rendez-Vous will take place at :

Centre de génomique du Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec-Université Laval
2705 boul. Laurier, Québec, G1V 4G2, Amphithéâtre Fisher, salle TR-54, site CHUL

Registration ends April 10th 2018. Places are limited!
To register online, visit the Innovation Centre web page

Registration, lunch and refreshments are free.

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8h00 Registration
8h30 Welcoming Remarks
Daniel Tessier
Jacques Simard
Daniel Coderre
8h35 Introduction
Francis Ouellette
8h50 Keynote Speaker
Michael Moran
University of Toronto
Synergy through Omics integration provides biological insights and disease mechanisms
9h40 10X Genomics
Kasandra Burgos
Bringing Unprecedented Resolution to Biology
10h00 Coffee Break
10h20 David Gosselin
Université Laval
Mécanismes épigénomiques impliqués dans l'identité cellulaire des microglies humaines
10h35 Jean-Philippe Lambert
Université Laval
Rewiring of the BET interactome by bromodomain inhibitors
10h55 Étienne Audet-Walsh
Université Laval
Reprogrammation du métabolisme énergétique par les récepteurs nucléaires
11h15 Agilent Technologies
Dante Cerullo
Setting the New Standard for Target Enrichment and Exomes
11h30 Christian Landry
Université Laval
Systems biology illuminates our understanding of how evolution shapes our fragility and robustness to mutations
12h00 Lunch
13h00 Jacques Simard
Université Laval
Personalized Risk Assessment for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer
13h30 François Rousseau
Université Laval
Tests génomiques de l’ADN libre circulant pour le dépistage prénatal des aneuploidies foetales :  résultats du projet PÉGASE
14h00 Nada Jabado
McGill University
Oncohistones in cancer: how to turn the cell's symphony into non-harmonic rap
14h30 Sébastien Lemieux
Université de Montréal
Leucegene: interplay between transcriptomics and drug discovery in leukemia
15h00 Coffee Break
15h15 Illumina
Mena Farag
Recent advancements in Microbiology Sequencing Applications: Considerations for Human Health and High-Throughput Screening
15h40 Keynote Speaker
Brenda Andrews
University of Toronto
Mapping a genetic wiring diagram of a cell
16h30 Closing remarks
For additional information

Frédérick Robidoux
Phone: 514 398-7211 #3


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