Transcriptome Arrays


  • Clariom™ D assays (Human)
  • Clariom™ D assays (Mouse)
  • Clariom™ D assays (Rat)

The number of known transcribed genes has expanded rapidly in recent years providing more sources for actionable biomarkers, such as transcript variants and lncRNA, that can be used for clinical utility and advancing our understanding of disease mechanisms. Such biomarkers can be missed by lengthy, complex, and costly sequencing and targeted expression approaches, leading to irreproducible signatures and wasted time and money.

With full coverage of the transcribed genome including all known coding and non-coding splice variants, compatibility with clinical sample types, and flexible data analysis software, Clariom D assays are the premier tools for translational researchers performing complex expression biomarker discovery studies and wanting the fastest path to robust, clinically relevant, and actionable results.

  • Rapidly identify complex disease signatures from >540,000 transcripts sourced from the largest number of public databases, the most comprehensive coverage of the human transcriptome available, to ensure biomarkers are not missed.
  • Confidently detect genes, exons, and alternative splicing events that give rise to coding RNA and lncRNA isoforms.
  • Detect rare and low-expressing transcripts otherwise not detected by common sequencing approaches.
  • Go from data to insight in minutes with intuitive, highly visual, free analysis software.

Download the free Affymetrix software.

Final results delivery for Clariom D arrays of great projects

The Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC) requires data from all arrays from one project to be compared together. Therefore, final results cannot be available (through Nanuq or a secure ftp site) before the end of a project. This applies also to larger projects that take several months to be completed.