Fluidigm Access Array™ System

The Access Array System is a high-throughput, target-enrichment system designed to work with most Next-Generation sequencing instruments: Illumina (HiSeq and MiSeq) and Life Technologies (Ion Torrent PGM). The 48x48 Access Array Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC) is designed to perform up to 48 PCR assays* on 48 DNA samples for a total of 2,304 PCR reactions at one time while requiring only 50 ng of template DNA. (* A PCR Assay can be a single or up to 3 PCR reactions per IFC).

Services offered by Génome Québec include:

  • Designing and ordering primers
  • Sample QC
  • PCR Assay Validation
  • Amplification of target regions for SNP Discovery/ Validation of mutation by NGS
  • Library preparation
  • Multiplex PCR

More information can be found in the User Guide or by contacting the Client Management Office.