The McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre is pleased to announce the arrival of a new instrument. The acquisition of an Affymetrix GeneTitan will increase our genotyping and gene expression offer. Contact us for details (

Roche GS-FLX Titanium and GS-FLX "Plus" Technology

Current applications available for Roche GS-FLX using the current Titanium chemistry include:

  • de novo sequencing of small genomes
  • Metagenomic sample sequencing
  • Amplicon/PCR/cDNA sequencing
  • Gene Capture (RainDance) followed by sequencing

The sequence reads (in fasta format) and quality files will be accessible via our database (Nanuq) as soon as they have been analyzed. As part of our service the bioinformatics team can assemble the sequencing reads or map against a provided reference sequence if requested.

NEW! Improved FLX+ sequencing with recent software upgrade to v 2.8

We are proud to have been among a select few sites to have participated in an early access program for the new GS FLX software version 2.8 in the Fall of 2012. The FLX "Plus" chemistry has been available for over a year generating longer read lengths, which in our hands ranged between an average of 600 bases. Now with the new v 2.8 software, even longer reads are possible, up to 1000 bases or more!

Download the Technical Application Note on this topic.

More information can be found in the User Guide or by contacting the Client Management Office.